The origin of Israel from the POV of Egyptian records

At a site called you can sign up to get notified of newly available articles in the fields of Bible, archeology, and so on. You can download electronic versions of these articles. The quality varies. Also many of the articles are not in English. Sometimes the site just lets you download the table of contents of a newly published book. But there are articles by reputable authors. You just have to use your own judgment–as you do with pretty much everything you get over the Internet.

Occasionally you find something very good.

So yesterday, I never got to Milavec and the Didache, because I became fascinated with an article I had just received. It was “Origins of Israel between History and Ideology” by Meindert Dijkstra of Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

He was quite hard on both the Maximalist and Minimalist claims about the beginnings of ancient Israel.

The thing I found interesting was his new approach. He came at the question from the standpoint of Egyptian records from Seti I through Ramses III. Not that these records take much notice of Israel. The mention in the Merneptah stele is an accidental feature of the Pharaoh’s claims about his war with Libia. But those records do tell us a bunch about the situation in the Levant. And Dijkstra put that together in a unique and helpful way.

So when I get through with Milavec, I will do a post or two summarizing and reflecting on Dijkstra.


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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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