I hate this election

First there were articles about a poll finding that 13% of the Americans  preferred a meteor strike to voting for either Clinton or Trump.  Now we have someone who calls himself “Sweet Meteor O’ Death” running for president on Twitter.  I am tempted to write him in November, although he would probably be just as happy if I bought a T-shirt or a coffee cup.


Many of us are dumbfounded by the choices we are apparently getting in November. We are going to need to impeach whichever one wins.  Or we could vote for the stoners–er, I mean libertarians.  Actually in Johnson and Weld they have the better qualified candidates.

When I was at my class reunion I was talking to a classmate who has been in China the last few years.  She returned to the United States to find us in the midst of this election.  She is astonished and wonders if I can explain what happened.

My guess is that on both coasts and in the universities we have developed a class that is gung-ho for globalism.  They are doing pretty well making money on international trade. Or they just like to think of themselves as open and cosmopolitan.  The establishments of both parties reflected this.

They promoted multiculturalism, non-judgmentalism, and political correctness in general. They took up a kind of government/ business networking that involves giving and receiving favors. (The Clinton Foundation…)  To others it looks like graft and corruption. Their non-judgmental globalism allows them to do business with the likes of Saudi Arabia. But they also favor or tolerate very slow economic growth because it doesn’t hurt them and is possibly better for the environment.

But in the middle of the country, where there used to be an economy based on harvesting resources and producing things, many people have lost their jobs and their dignity.  They see the globalists as anti-American, anti-family, and as corrupt, snobbish elites. (Note the anti-elitist theme that runs through country music.) The globalists say these people are bigots, red-necks and on the wrong side of history.

So, even though many people out here realize that Trump is a self-promoting con-man, they want to vote for him as a way of  flinging dung at the globalist elites who have helped cause our malls, car dealerships, and factories to go away.

I have some globalist instincts, but also some populist and nationalist instincts.  You should see my Facebook page and how my friends are deeply divided between these two sides.

So I am here appreciating Sweet Meteor O’ Death.


About theoutwardquest

I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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