Walter Russell Mead-Jesus and the failure of the moral approach

Every year around Christmas Walter Russell Mead writes about Jesus at a blog called Via Meadia.  He calls this his Yuletide blog.  He usually teaches and writes about politics and foreign policy, but he is the son of a clergyman and writes theology less obscurely than many theologians.

He often has some quotable words challenging the common view that Jesus came as a moral teacher/philosopher and that you should adapt his message to leftward or rightward social justice uses.  Mead does conclude, though, on the basis of the virgin birth, that Christmas is a feminist holiday.  Perhaps this will not please every feminist.

Last year I highlighted his opinion that Jesus’ teachings are the least important thing about him.  This year I think the best quote (I could have chosen several others) is this:

Jesus didn’t come because humans had somehow missed the point of moral teaching and needed to be set right on a few points and given some inspirational coaching.  He didn’t come to do TED talks. He came, the gospel writers believed, because history revealed the failure of the ‘moral approach’ to the problem of evil, and God decided that something more and something different needed to be done.

Also the title of his piece is great:  “Born of a WHAT!!!”

Read the whole thing yourself.  It is on the American Interest website.  You can read three articles there a month without subscribing.


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