2015 Christmas letter

Mon Dec 7 12:55:50 2015

Here, near the end of 2015, I am thinking of the events that stand out for the Corders.

The highlight of this year was that our Kansas City Royals won the World Series. What an exciting team!!! Speed! Diving-into-the-stands defence! Improbable late innings rallies! Crazy fans like me–I dyed my moustache blue for the playoffs! It was a let-down when the season ended and some of our favorite players started talking to other teams. But the Chiefs have decided to start winning. So all is good.

We spent New Years in Lebanon, Tennessee with Paul, Jennifer and the four grandchildren there. For the moment, the health problems of Pearl Ann and Nikka are not so troublesome. Eliza and Elias are teenagers. Later in the year, Eliza spent the summer with her aunt and uncle who live in England.

We spent the rest of January in Florida. We stayed just off the beach at Casey Key near Venice. We walked the beach everyday, collected sea shells, photographed pelicans, terns, herons, gulls and other sea birds. We enjoyed the warmth there while it was freezing at home–someplace “Sunny and 75“ as the Joe Nichols song says. Also we tried out several seafood restaurants and spent time strolling and shopping in delightful downtown Venice.

Closer to home, another highlight of the year was attending karate and gymnastic meets for our grandson, Connor. Karl, Theresa, and Connor live on the Kansas side of Kansas City. It is a blessing that we get to see them frequently.

Betty does volunteer work for the Community Clothes Closet. She paints and takes part in the Odessa Art Club. She volunteers for Relay for Life, the cancer charity. She remains cancer free.

I wrote hundreds of essays for my blog at theoutwardquest.wordpress.com and was invited to preach a few times.

My mother is 94. She seems to be pretty healthy, but can’t do everything she used to. So late this year she moved to an assisted living place in Great Falls, Montana. This occasioned a trip to Montana for us in November. All four brothers were there to see her new digs. It takes some planning and effort for us all to get there at the same time. It is rare. But she enjoyed us and we enjoyed each other.

We started off the year cheering TCU and Oregon to bowl victories. This year (actually next year on January 2) our two favorite college teams will play each other in the Alamo Bowl. We can’t lose. Or, we can’t win. Hmmm.

Blessed Holy Days to all those who still believe that something and someone is Holy.


About theoutwardquest

I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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