Scrooge, Puritans and Advent

I love the blog Maggie’s Farm, not because I always agree with the posts and links, but because I share a combined spirituality/sensuality with the authors.  In other words, I appreciate the anti-puritanism.

So here is a link about the 1951 black and white version of  A Christmas Carol.  Maggie;s Farm links puritanism to Scrooge’s hatred of Christmas.

Readers know that, at Maggie’s Farm, we delight in both the religious and the secular hedonistic aspects of Advent and Christmas.

The hedonistic, fun aspects of the season are residues of the Roman Saturnalia. At Maggie’s, we love our invitations to Christmas cocktail parties. The fathers of the church were clever to recycle popular pagan feast days by pinning Christian feast days on top of them (eg Easter, Christmas).

Our Puritan New England ancestors hated Christmas and banned its celebration for many years. Pagan and Papist.



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