Islamic refugees

I do not know much about Islam.  It arose at a time later than the historical periods I usually study.   I do know there are several sects and considerable diversity within Islam.

As for the latest news and the proposal to ban Islamic immigrants it seems there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, in spite of our multicultural and PC impulses, we do need to acknowledge that, although there is no reason to feel threatened by most other refugees and immigrants, there is a reason for people’s anxiety about Middle Eastern Muslims.  A corollary of this is that we may wonder why such a tiny number of Christian refugees from the Middle East (see here), where they have been subject to horrendous persecution, are slated for admission to the United States.

But second, an indiscriminate ban on all Muslims is perverse.  We are capable of making distinctions.  We have the terrible legacy of interment of loyal Japanese Americans during World War II.  We can learn from past mistakes.  It seems especially odd to me that more social conservatives do not see American Muslims as allies.  Orthodox Jews and Mormons become allies, so why not Muslims?

Many have the impression that non-radical Muslims have been silent and have not denounced terror or reached out to victims.  I suspect that some are intimidated by the radicals, as are many non-Muslims.  But the impression of Muslim silence is not true.  There have been many instances of Muslim people acting to protect Westerners from terrorists.  Incidents, like this one, have been lightly reported in our media.

So people need to know about the Muslim Reform Movement.

People need to know about this effort by American Muslims that has raised already $122,000 for San Bernardino victims.

I probably strongly disagree with most Muslims about some things like relations between the sexes, whether people have a right to mock Mohammed or make cartoons , and whether other religions have a right to proselyte Muslims, and whether Muslims have a right to convert to other religions.  But the way to disagree with people about such things is not to be intolerant ourselves.


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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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