A productive pause

This is one of those weeks where I had planned to write four or five blog essays, but find that I must devote my time to some other things.

There are three stages of life.  The first stage is the formative stage.  That would include growing up, getting educated, and some other early life experiences.  The second stage is the productive stage.  This would be the time of forming your own family, making a living and finding your place as a citizen or community member.  Finally, there is the reflective stage.  Your children (if you have children) are grown.  You retire.  It is an opportunity to look back and make sense of your experiences.

This is the reflective stage of my life.  Though I tried to incorporate reflection into my education and my jobs in my youth and middle years, retirement takes off the pressure and allows for more reflection.  But I also think of this stage as going back and continuing my education in a new way that is not so driven by pragmatic considerations.  The essays I post here are the fruits of this continuing education.

Nevertheless, even though I am in the reflective stage, there are weeks when I have to revert to the productive stage.  This is one of those.


About theoutwardquest

I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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