Friedman-the Exodus based on the texts

For Passover I offer this talk Richard Elliot Friedman gave at a conference on the Exodus last year.  Many of the presenters at that conference fell into the category of minimalists.  So Friedman spoke against the grain.

The talk is a little over a half hour long.  So here are some of his conclusions:

The Exodus happened.

But, of course, it did not involve 2,000,000  people.

Only the tribe of Levi was in Egypt.

When the Levites connected to the other tribes who had never been in Egypt, there was no allotment of land for them, so they negotiated a deal where they got 10% of produce and the right to settle in certain places.

They brought a new religion of YHWH who had delivered them from Egypt.  The other Israelites already worshiped El.  Instead of subordinating either of these gods to the other, the new theology promoted by the Levites identified YHWH and El.


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