Yearly letter

My custom the last few years has been to post my family Christmas letter on the blog.  This enables me to link to it on social media.  When you have been pastor at several churches you have too many people who know you to mail letters to all of them.  So here it is:


Christmas greetings from Dave and Betty Corder.  Let’s look at the states of 2014.

Tennessee:  In early January we visited Paul’s family.  Everyone wants to know about Pearl and Nika.  Both have serious childhood diseases.  But they have been in remission for a while now.  So they are leading relatively normal lives and catching up on their studies.  Elias and Eliza are teenagers now.  Elias is a blur of motion (at least in all my photos).  But he has a serious side.  Eliza reads Greek, but she was reading Shakespeare in English.  She also has qualified as a soccer referee.  Jennifer homeschools the children.  Paul is city planner for Lebanon, Tennessee.

Florida:  We went on from there to spend the rest of January in Florida.  In Crystal River, we took in the Manatee festival. We went snorkeling with the Manatees.  In January they come up the rivers and seek the warmth of inland hot springs.  One day we drove across the state to Cape Canaveral to watch them launch a satellite.

Missouri:  We had not totally escaped the polar vortex.  Winter went on and on when we got home.

Betty got to lead the survivor’s walk at the Relay for Life.  She had a good, cancer-free year. She participated in some art and craft fairs.  She resumed singing in the church choir.

During the summer Dave began to have a pain in his side and other symptoms.  It was finally determined that he needed to part company with his gall bladder.  The surgery was in October.  This was about the time the Kansas City Royals were in the play-offs and World Series.  So he pretty much ignored minor things like surgery and recovery to concentrate on baseball.  He is slowly getting back to normal.

Montana:  In June we flew to Montana for a brief visit.  Dave’s mother is trying to adapt after Tal’s death.  She is now 93.  We got her out in the open air.  She even walked across a swaying bridge to an island in the Missouri River.  Dave’s brother, Floyd, had to have open heart surgery back in January.  He is doing OK but has to be careful.  Floyd’s wife, Lois, is still having some chemo therapy, but she is beating back the lymphoma she was found to have about the same time Betty had her problems.  We also got to see Dave’s brother, Roger, the farmer.

Kansas:  Karl’s family lives on the other side of Kansas City in Olathe, Kansas.  We see each other often to celebrate birthdays or attend activities of our grandson, Connor.  And Connor has plenty of activities: karate, swimming, soccer, gymnastics and tennis.  He is six and started Kindergarten this Fall.  Karl, the computer science grad, works for a major bank.  He is trying to keep your information secure.

We wish you peace and joy on these Holy Days.


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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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