Ferguson, agendas, and neighbors

Since I live in Missouri I should say something about Ferguson.  I do not know whether the Michael Brown shooting was truly self-defense.  The grand jury decided not to indict. Predictably, rioting ensued.

The media seemed to want this so they could get their riveting footage of burning and looting.  It helped CNN’s ratings.  Also, I understand that people from many places other than Ferguson and Missouri participated in destructive behavior.

So people are blaming the media and agitators.

Nevertheless, the initial police response deserves criticism.  They left the body in the street for hours.  They responded with military-style force worthy of a third world dictatorship against mere protests.  Then, when the actual burning and looting started, they seem to have stood aside.

This article in the Washington Post contains opinions on both sides.  But mostly it is about Natalie DeBose and her cake shop.  The violence hurt her.  At a time when she had a backlog of Thanksgiving orders, her business was ransacked.  She was on the verge of having to close down.  But people across the country are helping her now.

The police messed up,.  The media messed up.  Publicity-seeking outsiders messed up. But many, many people showed that they want to reach across the dividing lines of black and white and rural, suburban, and urban.  They want to help people caught in the middle.

One of the things that is so wrong with our country now is the rampant agenda pushing. Whatever happens, people with political, ideological and financial agendas try to exploit it. But someone once asked, “Who do you think was the neighbor of the man who fell among robbers?” (Luke 10:36).  Beyond race, politics and agendas of all kinds there is still hope as long as so many want to bridge the gulfs and be good neighbors.



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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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