Atheists misunderstanding faith

Here is a link to a book review at Slate.  The review is of Nick Spencer’s Atheists:The Origin of the Species.  The “species” of the title is atheists.  The book is a kind of history of atheism.  And the review is a good take down of the ignorant, fundamentalist kind of atheism so much in fashion today.

 If your idea of God is not one that most theistic traditions would recognize, you’re not talking about God (at most, the New Atheists’ arguments are relevant to the low-hanging god of fundamentalism and deism). But even more damning is that such atheists appear ignorant of atheism as well.

For instance, what would these new atheists do with someone like Elizabeth Johnson whose Ask the Beasts we just read through on this blog?  She believes in evolution and thinks Thomas Aquinas would have loved Darwinism.  She is an orthodox Catholic Christian.


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