Sinners at Dinner

My favorite TV show may be Blue Bloods. At least I appreciate that in this show there is a family centered around their faith. They are Irish Catholics. They don’t always get along. But always they gather for Sunday dinner where they squabble and pray. It reminds me of the churches I have known.

So this Sunday I need to give a meditation before the Eucharist. I thought of last week’s Blue Bloods. The characters are at odds again. Some of the conversation at dinner is uncomfortable. Linda Reagan, a character who has a hard time being a cop’s wife, asks to say the blessing. She gets some push back when she asks that they all join hands. We don’t do that. We aren’t  a hand-holding kind of family. But she insists. Everyone probably thinks this is prelude to a lengthy prayer. But she just says, “Lord, bless these sinners while they eat their dinners.”

So I will tell that story and suggest that as we try to be disciples and bear one another’s burdens in the church, we ultimately come together in the presence of Jesus to eat and to seek his blessing upon us as sinners. “Lord, bless these sinners while they eat their dinners.” Here is an interesting and funny clip about what goes into making those scenes.


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One Response to Sinners at Dinner

  1. Frieda Lloyd says:

    Just saw this Blue Bloods episode and loved the prayer so much that I searched for it hoping to get a Pinterest image. Your blog was the first to surface!

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