2013 Christmas Letter

 Occasionally I mention personal and family events in the blog posts.  If you have been reading me much, you are aware of Betty’s illness and recovery and my father’s death last year.  I lived in a parsonage for years, so I have gotten over a natural desire to keep my life private.  So. . .  As I have each year, I here post my family Christmas letter:

Greetings from the Corders as we affirm the nativity and incarnation of Jesus.

Last Christmas we went to Florida. We spent Christmas day in Destin, famous for its white sand beaches. So we say we had a white Christmas. On New Years day we went kayaking on the Gulf at Cedar Key. The only trouble was that we had a lot of winter left after we came home to Missouri. We had a snow storm here on May 3rd. In 2014 we intend to go to Florida again, but late enough to maybe have less winter left after we come home.

The big thing we give thanks for as 2013 ends is that it was a year without surgery. The two previous years Betty had cancer surgeries and treatment. Now she is being closely watched and frequently scanned. Everything seems fine. She is very active with the church, the local art club, and the community clothes closet.

Dave finally gave up the idea that he is ever going to do active ministry again. Working just seems too inconvenient. He did agreed to be an elder in the church. He transports Betty to doctor appointments. He takes care of the yard and house (recently he trapped and relocated a colony of opossums who were trying to set up housekeeping under the house). He writes several entries in his blog most every week, usually about the Hebrew Bible, archeology, and ancient thought. He got himself some new toys–a lawn tractor and a smart TV. He watches lots of movies and, this time of year, an inordinate amount of football.

In September we took a trip to Montana. Dave’s father died last year. His mom is 92 now so the trip was part of taking care of family. His sister-in-law, Lois, had cancer when Betty did. She also has made a miraculous recovery. Dave has two brothers in Montana. On the trip we also enjoyed seeing again the Black Hills, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons.

As for the children, Karl and Theresa live in Olathe, Kansas, which is close enough that we see them and grandson Connor frequently. Paul and Jennifer live in Lebanon, Tennessee. We don’t see our grandchildren there–Eliza, Elias, Pearl Ann, and Nika–as often. We dropped by on the way back from Florida and will see them this winter on the way to Florida. Pearl Ann and Nika have serious childhood health challenges. But things were pretty quiet on that front until Pearl Ann broke her arm and has been having trouble with the healing. Maybe her illness keeps her from absorbing nutrients she needs.

We are proud of the boys and their wives. They are productive citizens and great parents.

In August the 20th anniversary of the death of our other boy, Martin, passed. He lived 20 years. Now he has been gone 20 years.



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