An interesting niche for a small town church

In our small town there is a biker church.  I’m not kidding.  Of course, you do not have to be a biker to belong, but a big part of their outreach is their motorcycle ministry.  It is a baptist-like, but non-denominational evangelical congregation.  They draw people from up and down the interstate.

It occurred to me this weekend that, although I have become used to being neighbors to this church, others might think it remarkable.  My wife is active in the local art club. We borrowed the biker church’s building to set up an exhibit during the annual street fair.

The church, in a way, is a counterpoint to the Westboro Baptist Church, which is in Kansas, but not too far from here.  Some of the members of our biker church are also active in the Patriot Guard Riders, who attend funerals that Westboro is picketing and form a shield to block the family from seeing the picketers.  See here.


Down the street from the biker church, there used to be a biker bar.  Since the church has been there, the bar has gone out of business.  So there you go.  The gospel wins out.  And the community is happy.  We would rather have a biker church than a biker bar.


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