They have found something important-maybe David’s palace

Here is an announcement from Israel’s Antiquities Authority late this week about the archeological dig at Khirbet Qeiyafa. They claim that Yossi Garfinkel has dug up a palace of David.  He has found what looks like an administrative building and a storehouse for agricultural produce taken as taxes.

The link to David seems to me premature.  I hope they have found David’s palace.  But I wonder how they can be sure of a date during David’s reign.  What about other alternatives?  King Saul?  Jebusites?  Gibeonites?  Garfinkel has been assuming that this site has to do with the kingdom of Judah, but do we even know that this was part of Judah at that time?

What concerns me mostly about this assumption is that Khirbet Qeiayafa is a fortified city over against Gath.  But I see no evidence in Samuel or Kings that Gath was ever David’s enemy during his reign.  Rather, Gath seems to have been an ally or an overlord for David.

If Garfinkel’s thesis proves right, I will have to change my opinion.


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