Fretheim-a little more

I am putting up just a short addendum to my last post on Fretheim’s Suffering of God. You should not get the impression that when this author says that God suffers he means that God’s suffering is just like our suffering. There are several aspects of human suffering that appear in the Bible’s human laments but never appear in divine laments. From this Fretheim draws conclusions: God’s suffering does not overwhelm him or cause him to overreact or become passive-aggressive. God’s suffering does not embitter him.

God is able to absorb all the arrows of outrageous fortune that pierce through and, instead of becoming callous or removing himself from the line of fire, still seek to bring about a future which is good for those who inflict the wounds. In spite of the suffering God undergoes, God’s salvic will does not waver; God’s steadfast love endures forever. In this respect, God offers the supreme example of what to do with suffering (p. 124).


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