Ancient Roman toilet habits

In regards to sensationalizing archeology and ancient history, I got a kick out of this from Ann Althouse.

We used to explain certain rocks from the Roman era as tokens used in games.  There is a new theory that the Romans used them instead of toilet paper.  The evidence sounds minimal.  But, having long told children stories from Judges and Joshua in the grossest way possible, I understand the motive.  Kids love gross and scatological stuff.

“Instead of hey, kids, the Romans played checkers, it’s hey, kids, can you imagine wiping yourself with a rock. And the kids all go EEEWWW!!! which the adults take as a sign of gratitude for the trip to the Fishbourne Roman Palace museum in West Sussex, England.

The museum curator,  Dr. Rob Symmons, said: ‘I love the idea we’ve had these in the museum for 50 years being largely ignored and now they are suddenly engaging items you can relate to.'”




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