Women, Men and Worship

Here is another article about the fact that the proportion of worshipers in most churches is skewed toward women.  Maybe it is because of more female clergy.  But Roman Catholics have male clergy only and still have more women worshiping.  So why do men stay away?

“For her part, Rev. Nancy Talbot wonders if one reason men are staying away from the United Church is that religion no longer confers the social status it did in the 1950s. Yet, Talbot also recognizes United Church leaders and members can subtly put down men. One national church website, she says, ran a photo portraying an otherwise normal-looking nuclear family, but with an out-of-it dad distracted on his cellphone.

On occasion, Talbot has also heard some church women remark about heterosexual husbands in a ‘stereotypical and unflattering way’, which would be unacceptable about a same-sex partner.”

This is a Canadian article so it doesn’t show one thing that is pretty obvious to me south of the border.  Polls here show that way more men are Republicans than are women. The mainline churches and the liberal Catholics have, for all practical purposes, joined the Democratic party.   It is true also that some of the evangelical congregations that do better with men have, for all practical purposes, joined the Republican party. We continue to sort the body of Christ into Blue and Red enclaves.  In a country as painfully divided politically as the U.S., this has to matter.


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