Biblical ignorance at Yahoo

Here is a quote from this article about the possibility that the anti-Muslim film being protested doesn’t even exist:

“In the Muslim world, blasphemy (especially insulting their prophet Muhammad) is considered a grave offense, punishable by death. Islam, however, is hardly unique in that regard. Early Christians were intolerant of blasphemy, and in fact, Leviticus 24:16 specifically calls for blasphemers to be killed. The Hebrew Bible goes even further, specifying that those who offend God should be butchered alive and their homes destroyed (Daniel 3:29). So there is scriptural basis in both Islam and Christianity for condemning blasphemers to death.”

The part about the Bible had me saying “What!!!”.  Does the writer know that Leviticus is not a product of early Christians, but is part of the Hebrew Bible?  And does he know that the passage in Daniel 3 is about a decree by the pagan Babylonian King, not a decree of God?


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