What the gospel is not

After posting about the gospel in seven words or less, I got a comment from Allen O’brien who is challenging readers of his blog to state what the gospel is not in seven words or less.

Some of the responses are humorous.  Some are caustic.  In the contemporary church people could easily get the impression that the gospel is something it is not.

I thought about what my seven word anti-gospel might be.  My choice:  It is men’s fault–not the gospel.

You would think that an anti-male theme would pop up mostly in feminist influenced mainline churches.  Sometimes it does.  But it comes up surprisingly often in conservative churches, as well.  Thus we get the father-bashing Father’s Day sermon.

I think the reason for this is that some churches hold two dogmas simultaneously.  First, they hold that the husband/father is the head of the household by divine right.  Second, they hold that the family is going to hell in a hand-basket.  So whose fault is that?  Obviously, husbands and fathers are screwing up.

It seems odd to me that you can get the claim that men are not going to church because the church is becoming feminized, and at the same time subject the men who come to a lot of blaming and shaming.  Here is super-masculine Mark Driscoll shaming men:


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