The Hebrew Scriptures in the pulpit

There is a good review by Lauren Winner of of Flemming Rutledge’s And God Spoke to Abraham  at the evangelicalChristianity Today website.

Both the evangelical and the mainline pulpit struggle with Israel’s Bible.  I can’t imagine that the Catholic and Orthodox pulpits are radically different, except that they have to use their set readings for the church calendar days.  Evangelicals have often preached mostly from Paul.  A backlash against this preaches mostly from the Gospels, the Red Letter Christians.

In mainline circles I often hear disparaging remarks about “the Old Testament God”, as though we agreed with the heretic, Marcion, that this was a different God from the God of Jesus the Messiah.

Over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry, John Hobbins quotes Flemming Rutledge, who is an Episcopal priest, in the above reviewed book:

“In the mainline church environment of today, it is much easier to find information about Celtic spirituality, labyrinth-walking, Jungian dream interpretation, the latest findings of the Jesus seminar, and other such eclectic topics than it is to find in-depth teaching about the Old Testament.”


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