The Resurrection Tomb Mystery

Tonight the Discovery Channel will broadcast The Resurrection Tomb Mystery.

Here is what it will be about:

“The claim at the heart of the new documentary is that this tomb belonged to some of Jesus’ disciples, his earliest followers, probably Joseph of Arimathea himself, the man who buried Jesus. The basis for the claim is twofold: (1) One of the ossuaries is said to feature a picture of a fish, pointing downwards, that is spitting out a stick man. They interpret this as depicting the Hebrew Bible’s story of Jonah and the fish, and they suggest that this is being used as a symbol of early Christian resurrection. (2) Another of the ossuaries features an inscription that they interpret as referring to resurrection.”

The quote comes from a critical analysis of the claims by Mark Goodacre.

Around Easter and Passover every year I notice media attention to historical and archeological matters that concern the Bible. On the plus side, this draws the public’s attention to important discussions. On the minus side, the media seems attracted to the most sensational interpretations. At the very least, I would say they often jump to conclusions that scholars will take much longer to either verify or debunk.


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One Response to The Resurrection Tomb Mystery

  1. Derick Andrew says:

    Very interesting. The claims seem quite awkward in my opinion. On one hand they are saying they found the ossuary of Jesus and next to it they find an early depiction of resurrection, thus confirming an early apostolic kerygma. I will have to catch this one tonight so I can make a little more sense out of it.

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