Blue Bloods and a Personal Note

My read through Kendall Soulen’s The Divine Name(s) and the Holy Trinity has been slower than I expected. I think I mentioned in one post that since I started this blog my wife was diagnosed with cancer. We went through major surgery and now we are doing chemotherapy. This hasn’t been all that time consuming. I do more household chores than I did and more handling of bills and insurance. But I’m retired, so I have time. But the thing is that I am distracted. I used to read at least one mystery novel or sci/fi novel every week. But I have trouble even getting into fiction right now.  So theology. . .?

I may be watching more TV than I should. Somehow it doesn’t take the effort and discipline of reading. I get a kick out of shows like Bones and Monk. But a show that surprised me was Blue Bloods. It surprised me because it shows a family with faith–not just some vague spirituality–as a very natural part of their lives. This seems very unusual, and I wonder how it came about that a network decided to do this.

It is a cop drama where Tom Selleck plays the Police Commissioner in New York. He is the center of a big extended family. They are Catholic, and their faith isn’t promoted in any way. It is just shown. This makes them a family I can relate to. They are like so many families that I know. They are like my family. They have lots of warts and foibles, but they have a center.

There was some talk about canceling the show, but its ratings were pretty high. So it stayed. I wonder if folks at CBS were surprised that people out in the country related so well.

My wife, Betty, is doing well. All her problems now come from the treatment, not the disease. We look forward to a much better 2012. Prayer and our community of faith have been central with this as with so much in our lives.

Blue Bloods is on CBS on Friday nights.



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