Psalm 82-Who is a god?

 As for the folks who make a big deal out of Psalm 82:6 as an endorsement of the idea that we are all gods, I don’t agree. But I do find their point of view interesting. I don’t want to argue. I am going to link to a couple of sites where they speak for themselves.

First, here is an unofficial LDS blog. The author says that the Mormon belief is that human beings are “gods in embryo”. Hmmmm.

And here is Deepak Chopra. He argues that there is a third Jesus, a kind of Jungian-archtype Jesus, beyond the historical Jesus and the theological Jesus. In the next to the last paragraph, he uses Psalm 82 to support the idea that we are all gods.


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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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